Thursday, February 15, 2007

Starry Night Continues

In 1997 I moved to Springfield to go to grad school. I met Jon Heupel, who was then a young guy in excellent local band, Park. I liked their music and asked if I could get two songs to use for a split 7" record with Civic, a band out of Champaign. Jon agreed. David Aufox from Civic was a friend and he helped with layout and design for the 7", in addition to contributing two awesome songs from his band, Civic. The record came out at the end of 1997.

I think it's an excellent record, both bands put up strong efforts and the songs are great. The one mix-up, was that Metropolis used the wrong track off the DAT tape so the songs don't match the label.

I continued Starry Night in conjunction with my zine "October Leaugue Communications" through 1999:

SNR 1: Park/Civic "The Sound of Sirens" split 7"

SNR/October League 2: Communiques 1-5, released between May 1998 and March 1999. A series of zines/guerilla marketing campaigns in the central Illinois area.

SNR/October League 3: "Michilimackinac" limited edition of 100 cassettes. Experimental keyboard weirdness. Released in April 1999, and amazingly, sold out.

SNR/October League 4: "October League Basement Tapes" I bootlegged several local emo solo projects, added two songs from Michilimackinac, and some spoken word oddities. Limited edition of 100 featuring handmade covers. Sold out.

Starry Nights that never were:

In 1999 I was scheduled to do a 7" with the Pee Chees, a band from Berkeley, CA. featuring the two owners of Lookout Records. Due to numerous wranglings, not the least of which was lack of funds to do a pressing that would satisfy them, it didn't happen.

Also, I was set to put out a 7" solo side project from Lance Hahn, lead singer of one of favorite bands, J-Church, called Cilantro. This was set for late 1999, but I was finishing school and I ran out of money basically. It's a shame, because the songs were frickin' solid. I'm fairly certain he ended up releasing at least one of the tracks on his Honey Bear label.

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